After meeting at Lander, at 6:00 pm we pulled off heading to Atlanta International Airport. We were off to a great start; good conversation, great company, and a share of excitement. About an hour in we stopped to grab a bit to eat - Chic Fli A. Thought we might as well enjoy a good ole chicken sandwich and some crispy waffle fries to balance out our rice and noodle diet we'll endure the next month. Grabbing a to go order and back on the bus we went, ATL was our final destination. Upon our arrival we were faced with well.. a jam-up situation. The back door to the bus was indeed, jammed. All of our luggage was in this closet-like area which only had one entrance - the jammed door. Thankfully though everyone had a positive attitude and shared a twenty minute period of laughter. After pushing, pulling, the use of a lug wrench, the door was open. Although we could have went without the jammed door, we all managed to find the humor in the situation. Through a month I can only imagine the small, unfortunate situations we may encounter. I can already tell it's going to be a great trip by the positivity each person is demonstrating. For now, we have just one hour until our plane takes off, and fourteen and a half hours later we will be in Incheon, South Korea.

Nancy Niles
04/29/2013 7:28pm

Have you adjusted to the time change? You sound like you are adapting very well and are open to all of your new experiences.


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