Angela, myself, and Eric, also a Lander student who is teaching English in Korea. He is doing the TaLK program. It is similar EPIK that Corbin is doing but he works part-time and attends Yeungnam University. We grabbed a cab to the train station and headed to Busan, Angela's home town. After arriving at the train station in Busan we grabbed a bite to eat and said by to Eric as he headed on the subway to meet some friends. Angela called for a cab that took us to her home. As we winded up hills we arrived at her building. I had perviously heard that most Koreans live in apartment building so I was anxious to see. My home-stay family lives in a house so I had not had the opportunity to experience the commonality of Korean homes. Angela's home is absolutely gorgeous in every aspect. We caught a quick nap and got ready to visit some of her friends. Angela and I made our way to Haeundae Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Korea. We had dinner with a friend and then grab some dessert (Cheese cake and Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice with red beans)). We then caught the subway to meet a group of her other friends and then headed to

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