Today we had a full itinerary planned. We started the day by cooking traditional korean food. A famous Korean chef taught us how to make two main dishes and one dessert. It was the first time we were taught to make Korean food. As I have came to notice, almost every dish includes some kind of rice. It seems as though, everything is made from rice. Even the colorful desserts that we made were rice - yep, rice that had been colored. After we were stuffed, we got to dress as korean princesses and princes. We then enjoyed a walked around to see the beautiful scenery of the gardens.We didn't stay too long before we headed over to China Town. It wasn't quite the same as China, and by far a lot less people. Afterwards, we headed to Jayu Park where there was a huge statue of General McAurthur.  A short distance from China town is Shinpo Street Market. We were told it was a market (kind of like a small fee market) where locals come to get produce, seafood, and other necessities. As we were walking, we noticed a large line of people standing by one booth. As we came closer we noticed people were lined up to get fried chicken.. Yes, fried chicken!! To make it even better, it was honey-chipotle, and we were in heaven!! We rarely had chicken since before we left ATL, and definitely not fried chicken. Right down from Shinpo Street was the Fish Market. The market was.. well, interesting. There was anything and everything imaginable that lived under the sea at the market. It reeked of a strong fish smell. It was neat to see all of the animals. After our eventful day, we headed back to Incheon to enjoy the Festival.

Today was the first day of their festival. Incheon's school festival was nothing like a festival that would be at Lander. There were numerous tents of student organizations, grilling food, drinking, and having a good time. They also had a huge stage with different performers. It was so much fun! After hanging out, Leo and I got to talking about the Incheon bridge. It connects Yeongjong Island (where the airport is) and the mainland of Incheon. After landing in Korea, we took it to get to Incheon University. It is by far the longest bridge I have ever been on - 13.28 miles. It lights up at night and so Leo told me he would take me there. Unfortunately, after getting there it was a little too foggy to see much of anything. ((I found some pictures on Google and posted below to show the bridge.)) 

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