On Thursday we headed to Seoul to see the Blue House. The Blue House is similar to our White House in which their president also resides. We then visited Gyeonbok Palace, a folk museum, Insa-dong (shopping area) and back to the guest house for some Dominos Pizza. Again, similar to our pizza in China, it was quit different and unique from American pizza. One pizza had potato wedges and another had something similar to icing as the sauce. It was different, but really yummy!

While we were in Seoul, Jinny, also a former Lander exchange student, told me about the Lantern Festival that was going on in celebration of Budda's birthday. After dinner, several of us headed back to Seoul to see the Lanterns. I was amazed by all the Lanterns in the stream. They were nothing shy from simple - all complex. I could tell each played a significant role in the celebration. It was a fun little night ou

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