Korea, Korea, Korea.. I LOVE IT!

Okay, so we arrived at Incheon University and we were all blown away by the amenities and size of the campus. They have a driving range and rock climbing wall! Talk about a fun college! 

We  gathered at the guest house to check in. Leo, a former Lander exchange student and one of my good friends met us there and brought me some flowers and cookies to welcome me to Incheon and to Korea. He's such a sweet friend, and I was really happy to see him again. After checking in, we headed to dinner at a Chinese restaurant on campus. We thought it was ironic we were having Chinese food our first night in Korea, after spending the past 15 days in China. But, none the less, it was really good! 

We didn't have plans after dinner so Leo took me to a near by restaurant to grab a drink, some fries, and catch up on the past five months. 

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