Today was our last full day in Korea as a group. We had breakfast down stairs in our guest house and then a short, on-campus walk to an area where a lady showed us how to wear traditional korean clothing. She taught us how to dow and kneel. We took tons of pictures, of course, and killed a little time before lunch by taking turns swinging on a rather large swing! After lunch some of the korean students taught us how to pay a few rhythms on different drums. I stuck with the simple bass drum whiles others enjoyed more complete instruments. After awhile attempting to play instruments we headed to dinner at a near-by resturant across the street from the campus. The meal we were having for dinner was delicious! I had it previously in Gangnam when I met my friend, Cindy. It was a bed of noodles topped with chicken, potatoes, and other vegetables, and smoothered in cheese. Koreans do not indulge in cheese like Americans normally do, so we rarely have had any the entire trip. That meal was one of my favorites from Korea! After dinner, I met up with Angela. She use to be a Lander student the previous year. We then went and met Corbin and a few of her friends who are also EPIK teachers. Corbin is a Lander graduate who now teaches English in Korea to elementary children. Corbin lives near by so she took the subway to met up with us. We enjoyed the festival for awhile and then headed to downtown Daegu to checkout the night life.

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