After breakfast we loaded up and headed to this cute little water village shopping area called Zhao Jia Lou. It was similar to a flea market. The water village had tons of locals selling fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, and an array of clothing and small items. All the locals spoke to us, attempting to persuade us to purchase their food even though all that we could understand was their hand motions. It's amazing no matter what language we speak, almost anything can be figured out through some nonverbal language. Most of the food items, manly the meats, we didn't think twice to purchase, but I did stop and buy some dried fruit. It was so good; I wish I would have bought even more. We then had another big lunch at a restaurant in the village. Lunch seems to be the largest meal verses American culture where as dinner is the largest meal. It's still so hard to contain myself from over eating the delicious food. Just when we think we're done, they bring another dish. We typically have about 10-15 dishes of food to eat. Even with a group of ten plus our tour guide, we can never manage to eat nearly all of it. At this lunch, we got the normal hot tea and sodas, and Cynthia let us try some beer. She said it was a Japanese style beer.

Afterwards we headed to the Palace of Culture which was an art museum that had five floors. It was huge! Level by level we managed to make our way through. It was neat to see painting, sculptures, and Chinese writing on scrolls. Of the three museums this one was my favorite. We then made our way down town to met Hua Hua of Sanda University to one of the malls to have our Farewell dinner at really fancy restaurant on the seventh floor that over looked the city of Shanghai. 

After returning back to the school, a few of us decided to go walking down the nearby street again. Wang and Vivian, former Chinese students at Lander, met us to go too. They are really good at translating and helping us out. Vivian goes to Shanghai Normal University, the last Chinese school we will visit. She assured us she would treat us well while we are visiting. We didn't stay out too long; we just walked and talked and enjoyed being out.

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