We were excited for today because we got to visit the other campus of Shanghai Normal. It was much larger than the last. Jack told us this campus was their under classman campus - freshman and sophomore. He showed us around for a little while before lunch. This time we got to see a dorm room. They have four people in one room. It's basically four lofted beds with each persons' desk underneath, and that's it. I couldn't help but to think how spoiled we are compared to their way of living.

We grabbed some lunch and headed to a calligraphy class where some students demonstrated painting and writing. They let us do our own with their help. Those students where so talented! 

Shortly after, we headed to the gym to watch some kungfu. Three groups of students performed and then taught us some of their performances. We didn't compare to them but we sure did try. It was a lot of fun, especially the second performance with the fans. 

For dinner they had a western-style meal planned for us at a restaurant called Sarah's. We were skeptical about the pizza we were told about but to my surprise it was better than the pizza in the US. It wasn't loaded with grease and smothered in cheese. It had just the right amount of everything. We got to choose some desert, so naturally I chose some raspberry cheesecake. Sarah's was a tasty little western-sytle restaurant. 

After returning back to our guest house Vivian and Cindy came and gave each of us a scarf. They are so kind. We enjoyed our last night at Shanghai Normal by walking down the near by street, talking about American lifestyle, shopping and enjoying their company.


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