Right after breakfast we had a quick campus tour. It was lightly drizzling but Jack and Alice got us all umbrellas. The people of Shanghai Normal are incredibly nice and willing to help us in anyway we need. I truly do appreciate their hospitality. As I mentioned before, the campus is gorgeous. I love that they have a building just for Business. 

We headed over to the conference room where we met the dean, exchanged gifts, and took a few pictures. We presented our presentations and answered questions about Lander for the two students, Cindy and Chang Shin, and Alice, the visiting scholar who will all come to Lander in the Fall. Lunch was in the same building but in the conference room of the dinning area. It was extremely fancy and so good! We ate some kind of shrimp that I could have ate so much more of. 

After lunch we met a new lady who presented some Chinese history and culture to us. It was so interesting to learn some unique Chinese customs and even dinner etiquette. I am so intrigued by the little detail and meaning in each thing that the Chinese do. Everything has a meaning. Although the customs and traditions of the Chinese are unique in many aspects, over the past week, I have noticed so much that is similar to the US. I honestly think an english speaking person could easily survive living in Shanghai. Most Chinese people we come in contact with, even while shopping or at restaurants, knows English and knows it fairly well. And, the majority of time, on almost everything, there is Chinese and English. Oh, and, every Chinese person has an American name.

We got a little break and then had dinner. This night we got to go to KTV for Karaoke. Jack told me Karaoke is very popular in China - a lot of people go for fun. I can't sing but thankfully the eco was turned all the way up on the mic. I got the courage to sign a few songs, but only with other delegation members. I know I couldn't sign by myself. We stayed about two hours and headed back to the guest house. KTV was so nice! All of the rooms were private rooms with glowing lights. It was nothing like I have been to before. It was so much fun. 

On the way to Karaoke we spotted a McDonalds several blocks down, so we had to try it out. Surprisingly, it taste the exact same! I got a small cheeseburger and chocolate sundae. That will be my only American food for this trip.. maybe. Oh, and I was shocked to see that both McDonalds and KFC deliver, and deliver on bikes, none the less. That would definitely be a useful service in America!

05/13/2013 10:43am

I cannot believe you are eating Mac in China...


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