Shanghai normal university has a gorgeous campus. It's large and has an upscale essence about it. I could tell more students attended by the size of it. Jack, one of the staff members who will be with us the rest of the time we are in China, said their is about 20,000 students who attend this campus. They have another campus that we will visit on Wednesday, that another 20,000 students attend. We had a quick lunch in the teacher's restaurant. It was upscale, as well. The food was so good, and we got a lot smaller portion this time. We were thankfully for that because we have feasted every other meal. They had a day of shopping planed for us after lunch. When arriving we were told to bargain with every seller. It's definitely different than the US. Bargaining is not common, especially in the South, unless you're at a yard sale.  I bought a few times and had a Chinese student, Cindy, who will attend Lander in the Fall, help me out. After several hours of shopping we went back to the guest house for dinner and a early night. We did walk to a near by super market to grab some snacks. I had to get some ice cream and water. I love the supper markets here. It's kind of like a small grocery store/convenience store. I love going in there because everything is in Chinese, even the imported items like Quaker oatmeal and nestle water and tea.

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