With a small change to the plans, canceling the visit to the farm, we headed to the East China Sea. It wasn't what I had in mind for a sea, but it was nice to go out on the rocks for a few pictures. In the afternoon we headed to the Flower Garden. It was an extremely large garden consisting of acres and acres. It had a pond that four of us were able to rent a paddle boat and go out on. That was a lot of fun, and we definitely got some exercise as my legs were tired! We could only stay on it for thirty minutes but that was enough time. A group of us then went climbing on these big rocks, similar to a cliff, by the pond. It was our little hiking experience for the trip. We met back up at 4pm and headed back to the school for a free evening. We all decided to go back to "the pink tablecloth" restaurant because we loved the beef fajitas, fried green beens, and french fries from the night before. They were not American French fries, of course. They were fried but had seasoning, peppers, onions, and so much goodness I couldn't get enough of! As if I wasn't full enough, after dinner I bought tons of candy in a near by store. I couldn't pass it up because its so cheap and nothing like in American. The flavor actually taste like the flavor it is suppose to. I hope I can manage to make some of it last until I get home.

05/05/2013 1:06pm

Emily, I am enjoying reading your blogs and often smiling of your comments. I sure hope this opportunity will give you much better sense of understanding Asian culture. Engage all activities they provide and immerse into Asian culture... Please give my regards to all.


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