They had a full day planned for us. We got on the bus and met Emily, a tour guide who was actually a tour guide for the city. As we drove down the road she pointed out different buildings telling us facts about each. Emily told us all about the Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower, the landmark of Shanghai, as we passed it. Now, more than ever I wanted to go up in the tower. 

We arrived at Yu Garden and Emily lead us around telling us the meaning of different aspects of each part of the garden. It was nice to have someone with us to tell us everything. After a couple hours at the garden and shopping area we grabbed some lunch on the bund. The bund is really close to the Oriental Pearl Tower so I was hoping we could work something out. Thankfully, we had an hour and a half of free time after lunch in the bund, so Jack told us we could tour the tower but we would have to pay for ourselves and get our own taxi there. After finding out the price, only Jeff, Kiera and myself went. It was a bit pricy but I doubt I will have the opportunity to go again, so I had to go. Emily went with us to guide us and help us with the taxi since our Chinese is slim to none. Taking a taxi is very common in Shanghai because many people often do not have a car. Jack told us its almost the same price to get a license plate as it is to buy a car. That's crazy, I know.

I didn't know until we were in the taxi but in order to get to the other side of the Huang Pu river, the Pudong area, we had to go through the under ground tunnel. The Huang Pu river, the same river we enjoyed a river boat cruise on several nights before, we were now under it. We finally got to the tower and I think the three of us were in ah. It was mind blowing looking up at such a beautiful monument. We barely made it out of the taxi before we started snapping pictures. I couldn't wait to go up. The elevator lasted literally all of 45 seconds until we were 863 feet above the city. Reality sat in when we stepped out onto the sight seeing floor of the tower. I couldn't believe the view I was seeing. Looking out onto the city of Shanghai gave me chills. I think it was then that it hit me I was really in China, looking out onto a city that has such a huge impact on the world. The view was magnificent! Getting to tour the tower was such a great experience I am so thankful we were able to.

Only half of the day was over for us. We still had a trip to People's Square, Shanghai Museum, dinner and a music concert back at Shanghai Normal. The students who performed were so talented!

Over all it was an exciting, busy, and worth-wild day.


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