After our free day in Incheon it was time to meet our host family. We, the students, were to stay with a host family for one night. We were all anxious and a bit nervous. Lucky, to calm my nervous, Keira was assigned to stay at the same host family. "Mom" greeted us at the school and lead us back to their home. As we came closer, we stared to notice a familiar site; they live in an area where we visited just days before. Their home was a cute little home that sat on top on a hill. We had to take the stairs to get up there. On top, there were numerous flower gardens and a few tables and chairs. After hearing so much about the typical apartment life-style of Koreans, I was surprised by their home. Inside it lacked the many amenities that americans enjoy. The simplicity of the home was beautiful. Keira and I were beat, and "Mom" could tell. She told us to take a nap until "Dad" arrived home. We had dinner with the "Mom" and "Dad" and then their daughter, Julie, arrived home. Julie is a Senior in High School who is preparing to go to college. We were told she normally stays at school until 11pm studying for their big test that they take to go to College. Keira and I were in totally shock when we heard 11pm. After dinner we played a few games and shared pictures of our families. The next morning we had breakfast, took a few pictures and loaded up to head back to Incheon University.

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